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The Sun – Two Speed – May 4 2019

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Clues Answers
About 100 sheep bizarrely talk SPEECH
Anger when driving road rage
Apparel GARB
Artist with new companion steers here? RANCH
Big animal finds little stream in Goa GORILLA
Black skate cooked for picnic hamper? BASKET
Bloody end for unpopular news boss RED
Bone, steak bone perhaps, found in stew PATELLA
Cattle farm RANCH
Cavity or pit HOLE
Central idea from Keith Emerson THEME
Country with low duties Tax haven
Disaffected Daniel ate crackers ALIENATED
Disregard one rig exploding IGNORE
Dominant mountain has to be truncated ALPHA
Fine soft fabric CASHMERE
Fine spray AEROSOL
Fit behind the wheel? road rage
Four-winged insect BEE
Garden visitor from Wycombe expected BEE
Greek letter ALPHA
Intensity or passion VEHEMENCE
Largest primate GORILLA
Leaves collected here for potting tea bag
Lecherous look LEER
Leitmotiv THEME
Macho types in Venice ousting NI force VEHEMENCE
Man’s one demand: own mansion at last Tax haven
Middle-of-the-road MODERATE
Mister Solo worked under a monarch AEROSOL
Month in advance MARCH
Mythical wailing woman BANSHEE
No longer sealed OPENED
Ogle the French Queen LEER
One can dig this dump HOLE
Oration SPEECH
Procession MARCH
Ready money gets pure wool CASHMERE
Restrained friend across German river MODERATE
Restrict flow in stretch of pipe STEM
Sachet for infusion tea bag
Scarlet RED
Stalk STEM
Started to write in dictionary OPENED
Stone cut to hold gold coin FLORIN
Talk about Romeo’s clothing GARB
Two-shilling piece FLORIN
Woman in torment shows spirit BANSHEE
Woven container BASKET