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The Sun – Two Speed – May 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Abseil recklessly to find girl ISABEL
Academy award OSCAR
Airmen rerouted river for seaman MARINER
Arboreal primate LEMUR
Assess striker in game test match
Bathroom fitment BIDET
Big film in little pictures EPIC
Black cat seen in Spring BOUNCE
Breaks in Norse verse SEVERS
Brigand BANDIT
British peer EARL
Creature in Old World lakes originally OWL
Cricketing contest test match
Culinary plant HERB
Cuts off SEVERS
Dig dirt on returning lawyer ADMIRE
Eighth planet NEPTUNE
Elite afternoon refreshment? cream tea
English trees are rubbish EYEWASH
Exclude BAR
Figure of speech METAPHOR
Former lover old flame
Green sailor with bishop in prison CABBAGE
Heroic poem EPIC
Image from Homer apt perhaps METAPHOR
Madagascan native bird in both hands? LEMUR
Clues Answers
Man shows old wound OSCAR
Meal with scones cream tea
Mother Brown keeps aromatic plant HERB
Nobleman almost skinned? EARL
Nocturnal bird OWL
Nonsense EYEWASH
Offensive line RANK
Offer alien bathroom facility BIDET
Old PM so dear to French THATCHER
One likely to rekindle love? old flame
One sitting with problem? POSER
Playwright admits art unrefined DRAMATIST
Pub in Cuba riotous BAR
Puzzling question POSER
Rebound on impact BOUNCE
Regard with respect ADMIRE
Rising writer on song finds god NEPTUNE
Robber also cutting dash BANDIT
Savoy or brassica, eg CABBAGE
Seafarer MARINER
Shakespeare, eg DRAMATIST
Shun redeveloped region IGNORE
Spurn or slight IGNORE
Status RANK
Traditional roofer THATCHER
Woman’s name ISABEL