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The Sun – Two Speed – May 5 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Apple garden ORCHARD
Austere office contains record-player STEREO
Being organised, foil tall ships FLOTILLA
Charlie with new socks inside selected CHOSEN
Clergyman PARSON
Colourful fruit ORANGE
Dialect needing good English at all costs? GEORDIE
Disc unaltered for Manchester band OASIS
Discourteous RUDE
Discover a foreign planet UNEARTH
Equestrian event DRESSAGE
Excellent SUPERB
Fertile spot OASIS
Fictional work NOVEL
Five battle without a break VACATION
Flesh-eating giant OGRE
Fruit agent abused in Vietnam? ORANGE
Great pubs prepared to take in monarch SUPERB
Heavenly being ANGEL
Helpless or incapable IMPOTENT
Horse moves long time after groom DRESSAGE
In Macedonia king is related by blood AKIN
Insane person NUTCASE
Lecturer with important animal DONKEY
Lunatic overturned barrel and box NUTCASE
Madly vain English easily conned NAIVE
Maybe Achilles in the room? HERO
Mon petit might be powerless IMPOTENT
New book NOVEL
Protagonist HERO
Put pressure on the media PRESS
Respect in order for this! SCEPTRE
Rough diamonds in French street RUDE
Royal staff SCEPTRE
Service provider quietly starting fires PARSON
Settled on CHOSEN
Similar AKIN
Small armada FLOTILLA
Some changeling is divine messenger ANGEL
Some macho greaser is monster OGRE
Sound system STEREO
Thespian ACTOR
Tynesider GEORDIE
UK genius catching it BRITAIN
United Kingdom BRITAIN
Unsophisticated NAIVE
Where one grows fruit or vegetable ORCHARD
Wounded Croat one in cast ACTOR