The Sun – Two Speed – May 6 2018

Clues Answers
12-inch measures FEET
Admit to bail REMAND
Assign a parking place APPOINT
Banknote TENNER
Criminal female in shabby flares RAFFLES
Debtor? Send back into custody! REMAND
Decide man lifted winter coat DETERMINE
Designate APPOINT
Dilapidated DECREPIT
End of sunbathing? Go for dance! TANGO
Fragranced SCENTED
French artist some made gasp DEGAS
German gentleman sent up meal RISOTTO
Get Adele trained as agent DELEGATE
Good and ready for complaint GRIPE
Group one in commercial dropped ABANDONED
Grumble GRIPE
Haughty PROUD
Headless hag causes irritation ITCH
Hostelry INN
Hunting hound BASSET
Impressionist Edgar DEGAS
Indefinite number stay drunk and abusive NASTY
Indelicate CRASS
Insensitive Charlie — right fool! CRASS
Clues Answers
Lively dance TANGO
Lotteries RAFFLES
Lout in Sligo a farmboy OAF
Man to move in circles? EDDY
Meat product nobody should buy? pork pie
Melton Mowbray snack pork pie
Mr Bogarde’s dagger? DIRK
Note opera singer voiced TENNER
One’s legends? FEET
Perfumed duke after money in SE SCENTED
Pier edge crumbled in descent PEDIGREE
Popular name for hotel INN
Possessions ESTATE
Pride etc hurt or worn out DECREPIT
Representative DELEGATE
Restless desire ITCH
Rice dish RISOTTO
Scots dagger DIRK
Scottish archipelago HEBRIDES
Stuck up — in two ways! PROUD
Stupid person OAF
Tea set smashed in car ESTATE
UK genius catching it BRITAIN
United Kingdom BRITAIN
Unpleasant NASTY
Wager about donkey and dog BASSET
Whirling current EDDY
Wild herbs die in islands HEBRIDES

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