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The Sun – Two Speed – May 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Admire an awfully spicy sauce MARINADE
Animal that can be made fast? BUCK
Apportion ALLOT
Bill’s story ACCOUNT
Bloke back in new suit gives wave TSUNAMI
Book store RESERVE
City on River Wear DURHAM
Condiment SALT
Consignment BATCH
Custodian CURATOR
Day with awful delay in terminal DEADLY
Destructive wave TSUNAMI
Drunk had rum in northern city DURHAM
Fail to answer question but get through? PASS
Financial record ACCOUNT
First to light cigar destroyed plant GARLIC
Fitness expert demands silence PEACE
Follower always after bishop and priest BELIEVER
Genuine vessel’s top with a vessel’s top? VALID
Give out scores on radio? ALLOT
Grenade exploded — not best pleased? ANGERED
Guy, right one, Euclid punished RIDICULE
Helot wrecked lodging house HOTEL
Initiates BEGINS
Legally acceptable VALID
Letters sent up? AIRMAIL
Clues Answers
Made irate ANGERED
Making exit GOING
Male deer BUCK
Maniac crazy about GI is conjuror MAGICIAN
Medusa’s fantastical it’s supposed ASSUMED
Millions! Everyone in shopping centre! MALL
Mountain route PASS
On the way out? GOING
One with faith BELIEVER
Overseas post system AIRMAIL
Partly free lectures for chosen people ELECT
Piquant mixture MARINADE
Public promenade MALL
Pungent bulb GARLIC
Sailor gets 50 seated around SALT
Saw son and daughter without food SPIED
Slim and supple SLENDER
Snitch recruited by copper or keeper CURATOR
South Bank is narrow SLENDER
Starts for example filling containers BEGINS
Substitute RESERVE
Tranquility PEACE
Vampire seen with church group? BATCH
Vote in ELECT
Watched secretly SPIED