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The Sun – Two Speed – May 7 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Abstemious SOBER
Animal finally going for synagogue leader RABBI
Authentic maiden in kingdom REALM
Bronte heroine saves island home for bird EYRIE
Burmese perhaps takes in strip show CABARET
Charlie stirred paint in plant CATNIP
Chatter GAS
Crawler at home with cult INSECT
Criticise Figaro as tiresome part ROAST
Deep perception INSIGHT
Dog in tea garden barking GREATDANE
Domain REALM
Fine porcelain BONECHINA
Flexible ELASTIC
Foot digit TOE
Furniture item TABLE
Gallantry award announced for show director EMCEE
Go on hands and knees CRAWL
High nest EYRIE
Invertebrate creature INSECT
Jewish scholar RABBI
Large canine GREATDANE
Like kipper please, to be cooked ASLEEP
Master of Ceremonies EMCEE
Member on foot in ghetto escape TOE
Minnelli movie CABARET
North African country ALGERIA
One thing’s changed understanding INSIGHT
Our language ENGLISH
Plant cats love CATNIP
Poison from bog asphodel GAS
Pub to make fantastic deal BARGAIN
Resilient one in crumbling castle ELASTIC
Rise of Conservative member CLIMB
Sense in short hair soldier cuts LOGIC
Shingle moving on UK shores? ENGLISH
Skeleton service? BONECHINA
Slumbering ASLEEP
Soldiers triumph and recover RECOUP
Solemn, so bishop goes with monarch SOBER
Something going round, or tribe poorly ORBITER
Sound reasoning LOGIC
Spacecraft ORBITER
Stadium on lake hosts second team ARSENAL
State regalia altered ALGERIA
Storm battered MEP cutting tax TEMPEST
Story written round black board TABLE
Sunday lunch ROAST
Swim thus, as babies do? CRAWL
Weapons store ARSENAL
Win back RECOUP
Zeppelin songs really cool! AIRSHIP