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The Sun – Two Speed – May 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Admitted being possessed OWNED
Aligns falsified evidence SIGNAL
Australian miner? DIGGER
Bank employee TELLER
Battle station? WATERLOO
Become smaller DECREASE
Bit unwell I’m perhaps drooping LIMP
Bring to life ANIMATE
Clerk is magical collaborator TELLER
Confessed OWNED
County council’s leader not all there MAYO
Creamy sauce MAYO
Dog among children seized SECURED
Duke absent — intimidate family member AUNT
English royal house TUDOR
Enliven a friend in Belfast area? ANIMATE
European nation GERMANY
Excavator DIGGER
Female relative AUNT
Finally Luke and Darth resolved this? HATRED
Hardy novel about one foreign capital RIYADH
Henry was one terribly dour after time TUDOR
Hobble LIMP
Hold up picnic basket HAMPER
Clues Answers
Jetty accommodates one adventurer PIONEER
Learner PUPIL
Loathing HATRED
London terminus WATERLOO
Made safe SECURED
Meg Ryan out in the country GERMANY
Mission in Kampala mobbed ALAMO
Rare noble gas RADON
Regulating device GOVERNOR
Rich old girl to make bet? DOWAGER
Ruler taking over northern part GOVERNOR
Saudi capital RIYADH
See cedar chopped in Fall DECREASE
Strict tea user seen drunk AUSTERE
Student something of a looker PUPIL
Sycamore, eg TREE
Texan landmark ALAMO
Titled widow DOWAGER
To dine with King George is splendid GREAT
Trailblazer PIONEER
Trouble in service supplying gas RADON
Very large GREAT
Went berserk — force called out RAMPAGED
You won’t hear my bark! TREE