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The Sun – Two Speed – May 8 2019

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Clues Answers
Admiral’s vessel FLAGSHIP
Be petty and treat as unimportant BELITTLE
Breakfast mix MUESLI
British boxer who was greatest in island BALI
Cabling in circle with set broken ELECTRICS
Clothes to be washed LAUNDRY
Community leader to go on endlessly RABBI
Cricket club BAT
Darkness close: closer to hobbit NIGHT
Detective Inspector leaves gap in policy STANCE
Display little activity STAGNATE
Distribute or assign ALLOT
Flat highland PLATEAU
Fully accountable position (informal) hot seat
Gardening tool HOE
Grass cutter might become chesty SCYTHE
Great delight GLEE
High ground serving a university PLATEAU
Hours after sunset NIGHT
Indonesian province BALI
Insect in snacks sent back — do nothing STAGNATE
Knight grabbing a coat casually? DAUB
Lands in European country ESTATE
Large car ESTATE
Lottery or raffle DRAW
Loud shout from fifty in Hell BELLOW
Make small or disparage BELITTLE
Minor revolution has attraction DRAW
Musical presentation OPERA
Nocturnal mammal BAT
Non-starter after small biter bit SMIDGEN
Not at all difficult (informal) easy as pie
Portion out everything with books ALLOT
Reaping tool SCYTHE
Scattered boxes on top of everything SPARSE
Showed great interest ENTHUSED
Simple as it gets for cooks? easy as pie
Smear DAUB
Some feel grumpy about happiness GLEE
Spoke excitedly: the US end warring ENTHUSED
Standpoint STANCE
Synagogue official RABBI
Thin on the ground SPARSE
Those angered at electric chair? hot seat
Use milk mostly mixing cereal MUESLI
Very small amount (informal) SMIDGEN
Victory perhaps and signals with it FLAGSHIP
Wash two French articles without water? LAUNDRY
Weed left to be pulled from cavity HOE
Wiring (informal) ELECTRICS
Work required in Europe rather? OPERA