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The Sun – Two Speed – May 8 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Adult captured by RN fled RAN
American icon man clues badly UNCLESAM
Approaching NIGH
Aristocracy ELITE
Arm bone HUMERUS
Authentic tango on French street TRUE
Bullets AMMO
Canine mum shows blind faith DOGMA
Church official ELDER
Close to endless darkness NIGH
Closing passage CODA
Club for drivers round golf range AGA
Collectively TOGETHER
Cooking stove AGA
Declare guiltless ABSOLVE
Deli temporarily stocks cream ELITE
Doctrine DOGMA
Explosive articles found in magazine AMMO
Faithful TRUE
Fencing event EPEE
Finnish city HELSINKI
Fish with a musical tail CODA
Getaway ESCAPE
Graven image IDOL
Horse-drawn carriage CABRIOLET
I like NHS rebuilt in capital HELSINKI
Legged it RAN
Like tough tasks assigned to Poirot? HERCULEAN
Looking pale as chicken ASHEN
Mentally sound ALLTHERE
Month at work for army swimmer OCTOPUS
On the trot in stable TOGETHER
Orbit Alec corrected in vehicle CABRIOLET
Pal had destroyed shrine icon BUDDHA
Pallid ASHEN
Religion founder BUDDHA
Requiring great effort HERCULEAN
Sailors love tortuous excuse ABSOLVE
Saint with actress Helen in Scots club STMIRREN
Sane? Totally ALLTHERE
Scottish football team STMIRREN
Son in peace mad to break free ESCAPE
Star shown up in solo discography IDOL
Struggle, strive or compete CONTEND
Support for member funny they say HUMERUS
Surprise greatly – like Villa? ASTONISH
Sword insane peer holds EPEE
Tentacled creature OCTOPUS
Tory seen by nurse makes claim CONTEND
Tribal leader in tree ELDER
USA personified UNCLESAM