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The Sun – Two Speed – May 9 2018

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Clues Answers
50 had meal but not on time LATE
An Italian city offers subtle charm AROMA
Atomic pile REACTOR
Bank customer DEPOSITOR
Behind schedule LATE
Call into shop — husband out for seafood SCALLOP
Car driver MOTORIST
Chapter in story reversed great success ECLAT
Chess piece CASTLE
Citadel made by Celt as designed CASTLE
Clear-headed RATIONAL
Commencement ONSET
Complete religious work in Ireland ENTIRE
Cost where pigs are kept in river EXPENSE
Domestic economy yields diamonds ICE
Edible mollusc SCALLOP
Frozen water ICE
Gatwick, eg AIRPORT
Greek logician ARISTOTLE
He makes turn in drive-in restaurant ERNIE
Heathrow Express left for sailors? AIRPORT
Helping a student is reasonable RATIONAL
Hero was first to absorb information LEGEND
Implied meaning IMPORT
Investor poorest I’d ruined DEPOSITOR
Clues Answers
Just fine FAIR
Leave extremely desirable role DEPART
Location SITE
Man’s name ERNIE
Nuclear device right at core exploded REACTOR
One at wheel sees rock in wet MOTORIST
Overcome MASTER
Person from a new part MAN
Place for vision we hear SITE
Reasonable FAIR
Revolve SPIN
Significance of goods brought in IMPORT
Small child in Israel corrected philosopher ARISTOTLE
Staff MAN
Start out DEPART
Stone shaped in beginning ONSET
Striking effect ECLAT
Submarine UNDERSEA
Summit hotel in strange place PINNACLE
Traditional story LEGEND
Unruly stream for teacher MASTER
What certain doctors give you for turn? SPIN
Where bed is used near to collapse UNDERSEA