The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 1 2018

Clues Answers
Afternoon repast high tea
Authentic GENUINE
Bird in Danzig Rebellion GREBE
Bleeper PAGER
Christian messenger APOSTLE
Complies with OBEYS
Country sport needs right man RURAL
Cuppa on Everest? high tea
Disciple bitter about situation APOSTLE
Domain REALM
Draw attention to streak in hair HIGHLIGHT
Effort to welcome a cold girl TRACY
Excellent book? Exactly! PLUMB
Family German bloke leaves in error CLANGER
Female name TRACY
Flightless bird EMU
Follows chaotic boys with internal energy OBEYS
Genuine monarch’s leader in province REALM
Get Edna drunk? It’s denied! NEGATED
Great Britain, poor, banking two pounds BRILLIANT
Grounded flyer from Salem University EMU
Heraklion citizen CRETAN
Hostile element in poetry? AVERSE
Letter puzzle ANAGRAM
Match not serious LIGHT
Mature and complex plan AGENDA
Mediterranean islander in trance given shake CRETAN
Might gelding be niggled by this? ANAGRAM
Mountain found in national park ALP
Nobleman under pressure seeks gem PEARL
Nullified NEGATED
Nun ever shaking rattle UNNERVE
Oyster bead PEARL
Pastoral or bucolic RURAL
Perfectly straight PLUMB
Planner: he meets me in SCR SCHEMER
Procedure METHOD
Radiance LIGHT
Real ingénue reviewed GENUINE
Schedule AGENDA
Secret plotter SCHEMER
Secured rebel is liberated RESCUED
Signaller fermented grape PAGER
Swiss peak ALP
The French girl outside brings fever MALARIA
Tray emptied to hold rum drink TODDY
Tropical disease MALARIA
Water bird GREBE
Way the rebellious Mod gets around METHOD
Winter warmer TODDY

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