The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 10 2018

Clues Answers
A grave old doctor sees big killer atom bomb
Advantage ASSET
American Post Office user MAILER
Associate bishop appears topless RELATE
Atrocious act OUTRAGE
Bank arrangement OVERDRAFT
Be empathetic RELATE
Break apart Croatian port SPLIT
Carbonated water SODA
Card game old maid
Card game played by former hotel employee old maid
Complain CARP
Concept used in wide arena IDEA
Country music? ANTHEM
Curved fruit BANANA
Damage or spoil MAR
Depart (informal) SPLIT
Dice rolled in time set aside DEDICATE
Drinking no alcohol DRY
Fat Man or Little Boy atom bomb
Find fault with vehicle parking CARP
Game plan from cat __ TC __ is flawed TACTICS
Girl raised to show strength ASSET
Graduate meets fool in plant BANANA
Help or benefit AVAIL
Horse without tail is wreck MAR
Immoderate admirer, devotee IDOLATER
Inscribe to DEDICATE
Lifted depression about woman’s figure PYRAMID
Lost a fish crossing street ASTRAY
Lunatic advert for debt OVERDRAFT
Man of letters sending same? MAILER
Marriage promise in due course for admirer IDOLATER
Monumental Egyptian structure PYRAMID
Notion IDEA
Old Tuareg reeling in shock OUTRAGE
On wagon in Delta Railway DRY
On wayward path ASTRAY
Pasta strand NOODLE
Patriotic song ANTHEM
Return to friendliness THAW
Simpleton with no dole arranged NOODLE
Stiff stuff from eccentric directors CARDBOARD
Strategy TACTICS
Trade disrupted? Put your foot down! TREAD
Trouble with son about drink SODA
Use a very excellent line AVAIL
Verdict in code is deciphered DECISION
Very thick paper CARDBOARD
What spoiled warmer weather? THAW

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