The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 11 2018

Clues Answers
Apply force EXERT
Bavarian king OTTO
Books given to German bloke OTTO
Calligraphy SCRIPT
Champion in bed demands smoke CHEROOT
CIA keeping dry put up in top room ATTIC
Common soldier TROOPER
Cooking garment APRON
Cool part in prevalent epidemic TEPID
Correct account by clergyman ACCURATE
Drink to excess in pub in Germany BINGE
Emperor on plane eating old nuts NAPOLEON
European peaks ALPS
Fanatic die-hard
Fine porcelain bone china
First vessel capsized TOP
Fortieth curry for Cockneys RUBY
Game fish TROUT
Handwriting used in screenplay SCRIPT
Horrendous recital piece ARTICLE
Huge mobile amplifier MEGAPHONE
Improvised jazz singing SCAT
Loudhailer MEGAPHONE
Lukewarm TEPID
Magazine feature ARTICLE
Marsupial (informal) ROO
No dime spent makes you rich MONIED
Official paper DOCUMENT
One near it may show lethargy INERTIA
One to resist change as horrible Hera did die-hard
Perfect finish COMPLETE
Pinafore or a pair worn? APRON
Precious stone RUBY
Record to break when in range ALPS
Religious tale PARABLE
Rodent in baked dish for buccaneer PIRATE
Sea criminal PIRATE
Seasonal beverage EGGNOG
Second feline to get lost SCAT
Skeleton service? bone china
Small animal in river with two ducks ROO
Soldier shot back loading round TROOPER
Stillness INERTIA
Story of Jesus? PARABLE
Tutor trained swimmer TROUT
Type of cigar CHEROOT
Virtuoso lacking power to bring into use EXERT
Waterloo general NAPOLEON
Wealthy MONIED
Wicked demo cut with new record DOCUMENT
Xmas booze g-g-gone astray EGGNOG
Zenith TOP

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