The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 12 2018

Clues Answers
Alexander seen initially with Andrew SANDY
All right to load bazooka? Yes! OKAY
Approve OKAY
Beat with pizzazz in musical piece TANGO
Business in revived Ealing Studios DEALINGS
Cancel UNDO
Careworn crone Yank pushed around HAGGARD
Crib accommodates a boss MANAGER
Dairy distributor MILKMAN
Dealt with TREATED
Difficult task (informal) STINKER
Dissenting clique FACTION
Endures LASTS
Enormous IMMENSE
Executive MANAGER
Feeble type WEAKLING
Female name NORMA
Float round person? MILKMAN
Force with battle group FACTION
Gaunt or drawn HAGGARD
Girl not completely common NORMA
Gossip unusual for us RUMOUR
Haul up HOIST
Hearsay RUMOUR
Human trunk TORSO
In Shakespeare, Nathaniel’s scene ARENA
Kiss with Spike is choker NECKLACE
Like many beaches SANDY
Lively dance TANGO
Magnificent GLORIOUS
Marshal Tito’s quit HALT
Note world shortage DEARTH
Official, enormous, first to leave shelter REFUGE
One in crowd offers lift HOIST
Ornamental chain NECKLACE
Our Sligo might be honoured GLORIOUS
Paucity DEARTH
Principal toreador MATADOR
Ram and toad wrestling bullfighter MATADOR
Reiterate REPEAT
Rugby forward in bar LOCK
Ruin party thrown by peacekeepers? UNDO
Sanctuary REFUGE
Show aired again about fuel REPEAT
Small and naughty child is scoundrel STINKER
Small railway station HALT
Sphere of activity ARENA
Stays in blast shelter LASTS
Still at the crease — no boundaries in Perth INERT
Tear repaired — Edward given care TREATED
Temperature given approximately in chest area TORSO
Transactions DEALINGS
Tress LOCK
Unreactive INERT
Vast mines collapsing around me IMMENSE
Wimp breaking wage link WEAKLING

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