The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 14 2018

Clues Answers
Add to men replacing us in month AUGMENT
Alkaline compound POTASH
Amphibian climber tree frog
Animal tooth FANG
Anxious teens in treatment TENSE
Augury OMEN
Aural pain EARACHE
Black-liveried Tube line NORTHERN
Broadcast AIR
Chemical compound mixed at shop POTASH
Church official VERGER
Churchman on the brink? VERGER
Cold Italian region and one in England CUMBRIA
Credit (informal) TICK
Crossword compiler SETTER
Excellent rook in sky AIR
Female tutor GOVERNESS
Flight connection one featured in Sun STAIR
Golf score PAR
Good score from Tharp arrives PAR
Helot drunk in inn HOTEL
Hornet bothered sailors from Carlisle perhaps NORTHERN
Informed AWARE
Listeners will have this complaint EARACHE
Meandering tramline comes to depot TERMINAL
Meat product SALAMI
Merchant’s stock of wine to announce SELLER
Northwestern English county CUMBRIA
On the ball in law area AWARE
One called after another NAMESAKE
One handled the same way? NAMESAKE
Phrase used in disaster movie TERM
Racketeering EXTORTION
Reaping tool SCYTHE
Regret of incredibly poisonous creature tree frog
Resort next to Rio for blackmail EXTORTION
Sausage writer’s unfortunately given up SALAMI
School period TERM
Showing strain TENSE
Smoke hides new vampire weapon FANG
Sound heard every second? TICK
Supplement AUGMENT
Swindler Rick meets monarch TWISTER
Teacher ruined song and verse GOVERNESS
The dog for me? SETTER
Treatment for chesty grass cutter SCYTHE
Warning from old people OMEN

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