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The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 14 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
A constant clergyman is faithful ACCURATE
Act jointly COOPERATE
Afro-Cuban drum CONGA
Baby’s bunk COT
Blade: some antihero to respect ROTOR
Bloodsucker set out for movie passes TICKETS
Boxer Henry had to work hand in glove COOPERATE
Cedric at last up to bed COT
Choice to turn it on after surgery OPTION
Civil disturbance RIOT
Consult daughter for bird food SEED
Correct PROPER
Country music from worker at border ANTHEM
Couple’s piggy-back shown in book TWOSOME
Crone released energy in concert finale ENCORE
Dance music on game shows CONGA
Debauched month and a depression DECADENT
E-books needed in understanding selfish action EGOTRIP
Eighth Greek character THETA
Excellent SUPERB
Feel soreness ACHE
Ferdinand for one tense in dazzling display RIOT
From Ugarit he takes letter to Greeks THETA
Hatchet AXE
In moral decline DECADENT
Intelligent CLEVER
Landscape observed we hear SCENE
Matrimony MARRIAGE
Monarch duty-bound to visit gym? EXERCISE
Narcissistic episode EGOTRIP
Notice small stain SPOT
Pair or duo TWOSOME
Patriotic song ANTHEM
Possibility or preference OPTION
Predicament SPOT
Progeny SEED
Pubs re-built providing choice! SUPERB
Put adrift in unusual transport RAPTURE
Repeat performance ENCORE
Right to support the Her Majesty PROPER
Satisfactory AGREEABLE
Setting SCENE
Some relaxed in chopper AXE
Spitfire pilot outside hospital in pain ACHE
Travel permits TICKETS
Turning part ROTOR
Union formed in grim area MARRIAGE
Witty Conservative at bar CLEVER
Yes-man always so pleasant AGREEABLE