The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 15 2018

Clues Answers
Accumulate AMASS
American politician’s terrible treason SENATOR
Anaconda or adder SNAKE
Bar for swingers? TRAPEZE
Birds aloft: grouse finally breaking cover SKEIN
Boozer in Thurso terrible SOT
Box adding weight to vehicle CARTON
Cardboard container CARTON
Circumvent EVADE
Circus apparatus TRAPEZE
Conscious AWAKE
Curved weapon CUTLASS
Doctor was nuts to keep royal knickers DRAWERS
Edge along sideways SIDLE
Electrical accessory ADAPTER
English man turned to escape EVADE
Exchange for money cash in
Exchange words? TRANSLATE
Expurgate CENSOR
Finding time, Bill enters circus arena TRACING
Fix American lorry RIG
Former lover Eve isn’t unusually large EXTENSIVE
Geese when flying SKEIN
Habitual drunkard SOT
Highest old tree Frenchman cuts EXTREME
Hoard in Alabama’s seized AMASS
In Sarawak everyone up and about AWAKE
Increases dramatically SOARS
Legged undergarment DRAWERS
Move like crab: slide awkwardly SIDLE
Musical instrument CORNET
Oil platform RIG
Once more AGAIN
Part in saga interrupted for second time AGAIN
Pattern in wood GRAIN
Plug more suitable for electrical device ADAPTER
Portable lamp LANTERN
Realise china’s smashed cash in
Reptile from north into Japanese wine SNAKE
Resilience animates non-European in recession STAMINA
Restrict CURTAIL
Roman official SENATOR
Rower loading ship’s rockets SOARS
Saracen so riled sustaining cut CENSOR
Shorten dog-end CURTAIL
Smile about a suggestion GRAIN
Staying power STAMINA
Sword injured young woman CUTLASS
Tracking down TRACING
Two or three shots needed for this bird? EAGLE
US symbol EAGLE
What’s light to carry LANTERN
Wide-ranging EXTENSIVE
Wow! Get ice cream holder! CORNET

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