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The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 16 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
37th US president NIXON
Advance slowly in Latin Church INCH
Afternoon show MATINEE
All excited in some short race SLALOM
Bamboo stem CANE
Belted constellation ORION
Change for the better: go round topless EVOLVE
Character in German city emptied crate ESSENCE
Competent CAPABLE
Comprehensive GENERAL
Creep forward INCH
Days in bars with chap being player BANDSMAN
Deciduous conifer LARCH
Detectives holding up lover boy CUPID
Develop EVOLVE
Doctor Green with a large senior soldier GENERAL
Duck’s first teal out in river mouth DELTA
Eastern continent ASIA
Edible bulb ONION
Exceptional clue SIGNAL
Fourth Greek letter DELTA
Gated ski competition SLALOM
Hassle from crowd by river PRESSURE
Having nothing in mug is masterstroke COUP
Hors d’oeuvres CANAPES
In name only NOMINAL
International Bale wickedly clever CAPABLE
Like one area, this large region ASIA
Magnificent GLORIOUS
Man with lion unusually small NOMINAL
Military musician BANDSMAN
One producing hit for band? DRUMMER
Our Sligo might be honoured GLORIOUS
Outer garment OVERCOAT
Party food in tin with mushy peas CANAPES
Percussionist DRUMMER
Polar Christmas tree stocked here LARCH
Prison by a lake or waterway CANAL
Putsch COUP
Recovered from explosive taco in Ulster? OVERCOAT
Snaps wings from idle fairy PIXIE
Soldiers look back for overhead protection PARASOL
Sprite PIXIE
Stars at leaving speech ORION
Stephen, a Crusader, holds back defeat CANE
Struggling under European bear ENDURE
Sunbrella PARASOL
Talking and talking about one vegetable ONION
Tricky Dick has nothing to do NIXON
Venetian channel CANAL
Where actors hope for early success? MATINEE
Withstand ENDURE