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The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 17 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Aerosol in man’s address MISTER
Bread ring BAGEL
Care of circulating money’s all about it! ECONOMY
Dress in WEAR
Energy head tours university BOUNCE
English in conflict become thin WEAR
Enigmatic old boy tested outside clubs OBSCURE
Farewell to Napoleon? AUREVOIR
Fat Romeo grabbed by groom LARD
Fell from grace: lacked herd mentality? STRAYED
Frank inside with one starlet HONEST
French one never out to destroy confidence UNNERVE
Gable chopped up roll BAGEL
Good relatives eating her pickle GHERKIN
Hat style redesigned in secret STEALTHY
Land in sea ISLE
Land in water lies awkwardly ISLE
Monarch in carriage gives some land TERRAIN
Narratives TALES
Non-reactive INERT
Non-U guarantor might be haughty ARROGANT
Occurrence EVENT
Our world EARTH
Rebound on impact BOUNCE
Resolved to crack odd egg DOGGED
Rich meal makes rat so happy ROAST
Scarcity has 500 leaving planet EARTH
Scots dress student in gear KILT
Self-important ARROGANT
Short musical drama OPERETTA
Shortening LARD
Small cucumber GHERKIN
Spray bottle MISTER
Still at the crease, no boundaries at Perth INERT
Still time for an incident EVENT
Stories from poet Eliot drinking beer TALES
Sunday lunch ROAST
Surreptitious STEALTHY
Tartan garment KILT
Tenacious DOGGED
Topography TERRAIN
Treat Poe terribly in show OPERETTA
Truthful HONEST
U-boat expected to vanquish SUBDUE
Wandered STRAYED
Watch nurse have a go SENTRY