The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 19 2018

Clues Answers
A tirade might be broadcast RADIATE
Bedlam as Charles banks zero CHAOS
Blemish STAIN
Broadcast duration AIRTIME
Car laden precariously? Days numbered here! CALENDAR
Charming points made in group SWEET
Check or inhibit CURB
Clobber A. Minter by accident RAIMENT
Clothing RAIMENT
Communication MESSAGE
Complete disorder CHAOS
Contraption MACHINE
Correcting aid ERASER
Creature destroyed tent area ANTEATER
Date chart CALENDAR
Dee called in to cause confusion DERANGE
Dessert SWEET
Destined to fail ill-fated
Dodger Luke finally meeting Anakin? EVADER
Dog’s dinner-time report? MESSAGE
Doomed to have poor health? ill-fated
Drive insane DERANGE
Employment on Sunday in plant WORKS
Eradicate boil as treated by hospital ABOLISH
Exciting situation DRAMA
Factory WORKS
Feature in West shows robot MACHINE
Gatwick Express reaches harbour AIRPORT
Gently stroked CARESSED
Heated hostilities close to Actium WARM
Hero in Grease around north LION
I’m irate, however now show must go on! AIRTIME
Large cat LION
Mark, showing stress, runs away STAIN
Meat slice RASHER
Muzzle small bear gobbling rook CURB
Old Nick boards ships at anchor SATAN
Play a measure first DRAMA
Playwright left in cloak SHAWL
Progress smoothly when getting into bed COAST
Put an end to ABOLISH
Reckless ruler wants some bacon RASHER
Role taken by news boss in Split PARTED
Seaboard COAST
See cards might be touched with love CARESSED
Separated PARTED
Shine or gleam RADIATE
Shirker EVADER
Shoulder garment SHAWL
Singlet VEST
Some deliver a sermon in rubber! ERASER
The devil SATAN
Transport hub AIRPORT
Undergarment features in detective story VEST
Welcoming WARM

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