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The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 19 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Affirmative YES
Altar’s location CHANCEL
Amateur in hotel before noon HAM
Articles in Times rewritten ITEMS
Asp and eel cooked like kipper? ASLEEP
Bedroom bureau DRESSER
Betrayal as tenor sacked TREASON
Blend gallon put into lake MERGE
Bother or vex ANNOY
Caped Crusader BATMAN
Category GENRE
Certainly essential to eyesight YES
Confronts female winners FACES
Cured meat HAM
Dexter’s inspector MORSE
Disloyal act TREASON
Drinking spot WINEBAR
Embarrassed because news boss eats meat ASHAMED
Fetid or rank RANCID
Fortune left in church area CHANCEL
Frisky foal eats right vegetation FLORA
Furniture assistant for actor DRESSER
Green revitalised literary style GENRE
Guilt-ridden ASHAMED
Hero outlaw guarding cash machine BATMAN
Infinite changes sensed involving pound ENDLESS
Ivan, too weird, gets warm reception OVATION
Listlessness ENNUI
Mains flex, one on instrument ACCORDION
Mobile bear-cam shows what’s gruesome MACABRE
Mum clothes 007 in purple MAGENTA
News bits ITEMS
Order a brew in upmarket pub WINEBAR
PA with no starter to eat? ANNOY
Pairs to split in French city PARIS
Perpetual ENDLESS
Plant life FLORA
Purplish red MAGENTA
Reply from Europeans we respect ANSWER
Rod Stewart’s band FACES
Run together MERGE
School idiot’s hat DUNCESCAP
Seconds to crack extra code MORSE
Seine capital PARIS
Slumbering ASLEEP
Solution ANSWER
Sporty sort steals two pence from captain SKIER
Spreading unchecked RAMPANT
Squeeze-box ACCORDION
Sustained cheering OVATION
Tiredness seen in pupil regularly ENNUI
Unrestrained in shoddy mantrap RAMPANT
Was Chief Inspector bad? RANCID
Winter Olympian SKIER
You’d be a fool to wear this DUNCESCAP