The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 2 2018

Clues Answers
A doctor owes me? Excellent! AWESOME
Ancient beast not so mad perhaps MASTODON
Appointed as a member of the clergy ORDAINED
Car luggage space BOOT
Cheers thank you
Citrus drink LIMEADE
Combines ADDS
Condemned big cat in lair died DENOUNCED
Crowd noise is unrefined we hear ROAR
Discerned animal group’s sound HEARD
Don’t punish the French gentleman let off
Elephant ancestor MASTODON
Explosive weapon BOMB
Extended edition OMNIBUS
Floyd rang about six-footer DRAGONFLY
Footwear in sack BOOT
Fruitful, productive FERTILE
Furious IRATE
Hearty laugh ROAR
Horde MOB
Hovering insect DRAGONFLY
I’m aching to swim lake MICHIGAN
I’m impressed at being angry IRATE
Impartial FAIR
Implicit TACIT
Impressive AWESOME
Laid down law __ raid done badly ORDAINED
Lee and Ned somehow making point NEEDLE
Lie about honey wine as fruity quencher LIMEADE
Liking to write song PENCHANT
Listened to HEARD
Little man invests million __ that’s mine! BOMB
Mesh NET
Midwestern state MICHIGAN
New union member to live free within BRIDE
Partiality PENCHANT
Personal ambition to store meat LAMB
Pestered by stocky burrowing mammal? BADGERED
Poster vacant Doris puts together ADDS
Publicly censured DENOUNCED
Reasonable travel cost announced FAIR
Reprieve let off
Sabotaged hunt okay to provide expression of gratitude thank you
Sewing implement NEEDLE
Silent bird without bill TACIT
Strange for vacuous elite to be productive FERTILE
The Mafia Crowd? MOB
Total amount returned NET
Volume of city traffic OMNIBUS
Wife-to-be BRIDE
Young sheep LAMB

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