The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 20 2018

Clues Answers
Accurate EXACT
Attacked and humiliated leader deposed RUSHED
Best among the literati ELITE
Breathe fire INSPIRE
Claim on the money EXACT
Clairvoyance in ceremony causes delay RESPITE
Clergyman wants king always close REVEREND
Comeback REPLY
Conclude big match is European FINALISE
Cover with droplets SPATTER
Defamation SLANDER
Difficulty about love ADORE
Disturbed rest aboard ship brings tension STRESS
Dog-end? TAIL
Dote on ADORE
Encourage INSPIRE
Expensive fur bishop entered in auction SABLE
French article put in after secrecy SILENCE
Hair used in Montmartre’s salons TRESS
Heraldic black SABLE
Hurried RUSHED
Located, placed SITUATED
Lock or plait TRESS
Lofty chap employed to train runners? BEANPOLE
Man perhaps lies awkwardly ISLE
Mild-mannered man drained lake GENTLE
Mud-slinging apprentice jams tool SLANDER
Piercing cry SHRIEK
Preferences TASTES
Pressure in bank to respond REPLY
Prime Minister takes in Old English verse POEM
Pull out hanky (not hard) YANK
Put the last touches to FINALISE
Quietness SILENCE
Rhyme POEM
Samples good man eats messily outside TASTES
Screech from one grabbed by screen ogre SHRIEK
Sea-girt land ISLE
Sharp pull YANK
Small talk creating splash SPATTER
Soft and tranquil GENTLE
Spend colder months in Glasgow in terror WINTER
Statue I’d sculpted and placed SITUATED
Tall thin person (informal) BEANPOLE
Terrible blow for English MP in exam TEMPEST
Track or follow TAIL
Violent windy storm TEMPEST

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