The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 21 2018

Clues Answers
Account from men in country close to defeat STATEMENT
Adherent’s first sin admitted AGREED
Announcement STATEMENT
Atmosphere AIR
Autocrat DESPOT
Blade taken though orange peel EPEE
Cannibal’s mum smarter man-eater
Chelsea footballer causing danger HAZARD
Clear-headed SOBER
Clergyman confined outside bar PREVENT
Conceded AGREED
Cut fabric cost LACERATE
Dairy product MILK
Dictator keeps sulphur in warehouse DESPOT
Divine beverage NECTAR
Drink downed noisily at bar after opening NECTAR
Encourage teacher and scholar EGGHEAD
Equestrian event DRESSAGE
Excellent singer finally in tune AIR
Exploit leader in monied class MILK
Femme fatale man-eater
Fencing sword EPEE
Girl from east has advantage ASSET
Groom on time as horse moves DRESSAGE
Gym expert demands silence PEACE
Handle incorrectly MISUSE
Harangue TIRADE
Idiotic dim-witted
Is to deliberate about poor treatment MISUSE
Jail (informal) SLAMMER
Lift small duck STEAL
Menace or threat HAZARD
One in business makes outburst TIRADE
Person from a nearby region MAN
Plaits in hair PIGTAILS
Prison’s fierce critic? SLAMMER
Racing driver seen in three seconds? MOSS
Rum goes in a rack AGONISE
Solemn, so bishop goes with monarch SOBER
Spore-bearing plant MOSS
Staff MAN
Strong point ASSET
Stupid twit did me wrong dim-witted
Swine and dogs in shock arrangements PIGTAILS
Tear jaggedly LACERATE
Thieve STEAL
Tranquillity PEACE
Worker perhaps rejoices at first drink BEER

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