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The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 21 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Able to wait PATIENT
Armed conflict WAR
Bad weather initially sparked present furore SNOWSTORM
Beatles’ unruly do? MOP
Beef cut LOIN
Below the ocean UNDERSEA
Bug going round hospital in poor quarter GHETTO
Clandestine soldier PRIVATE
Delicious drink breaking trance NECTAR
Divine sustenance NECTAR
Do well with fish: ten about to be caught EXCEL
Dog to reach across field without boundaries SPANIEL
Double-dealer with art supporter WEASEL
Estonians abroad showing awareness SENSATION
Finishes in friendship ENDS
Guard posted: Nile in uproar SENTINEL
I’m lacking lustre in run through IMPALE
Improve text EMEND
Japanese faith SHINTO
Juliet seen with posh politician in spring JUMP
Let’s not have cold chicken: it’s uncivilised HEATHEN
Lively dance TANGO
Love follows hint in musical piece TANGO
Meat needs oil mixed with nitrogen LOIN
Missile thrown in pub DART
One in clear case for treatment PATIENT
Personal PRIVATE
Political manoeuvre some motorists favour? UTURN
Quiet and enthusiastic about religion SHINTO
Reversal UTURN
Serious quarrel BUSTUP
Set back after transport dispute BUSTUP
Slum area GHETTO
Small arrow DART
Sneak home late INFORMER
Soldier on watch SENTINEL
Some dependable men did better EMEND
Spa worker MASSEUSE
Springer, e.g SPANIEL
Stoat-like mammal WEASEL
Submarine needs anti-rust treatment endlessly UNDERSEA
Surpass EXCEL
Swabbing tool MOP
Terminates ENDS
The Rubber Woman? MASSEUSE
Transfix IMPALE
Turn up fresh for fighting WAR
Whistle-blower INFORMER