The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 22 2018

Clues Answers
Admire group keeping quiet after scripture lessons RESPECT
Asleep when roused in delight PLEASE
Attractiveness LOOKS
Baby (informal) SPROG
Back Cockney’s filly after tip ENDORSE
Badger and horse NAG
Briefly describe problem at higher level sum up
Bring under control HARNESS
Broke in thus having left opening INSOLVENT
Bronze TAN
Brown belt TAN
Business leader MAGNATE
Captain in south with fish SKIPPER
Customary REGULAR
Diaphanous SHEER
Empire collapsing __ king summons PM PREMIER
Exploit shares in flux around noon HARNESS
Fine cut for commentator SHEER
First in importance PREMIER
Flat requires parking; a must-have STAPLE
Fundamental STAPLE
Go to press with items from this news source? GRAPEVINE
Gratify or gladden PLEASE
Great wave certain to hold gallons SURGE
Happening EVENT
Hardly a company man? HERMIT
Idealistic UTOPIAN
Impractical UN holding up seaworthy vessel UTOPIAN
Incident some prevented EVENT
Lead a team SKIPPER
Prudent to have statue renovated ASTUTE
Rail employee to keep watch GUARD
Recapitulate sum up
Recluse HERMIT
Restrict or hinder CRAMP
Rhythmic throbbing PULSE
Romeo gripped by theatrical muscle pain CRAMP
Rumour mill GRAPEVINE
Runner perhaps turned up at LSE PULSE
Sanction ENDORSE
Scold NAG
Searches for modelling asset LOOKS
Security worker GUARD
Shade found in pigment in general TINGE
Shrewd or canny ASTUTE
Slight colouring TINGE
Soldier in uniform REGULAR
Spirit delivers one from pain and hunger PANACHE
Sudden increase SURGE
Tea G-man brewed for tycoon MAGNATE
Virtuous man on field that’s foreign STRANGE
Youngster appears in this programme SPROG

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