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The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 22 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Abduct for ransom KIDNAP
Animal jumping in river with two ducks ROO
Ape-lord upset African cat LEOPARD
Bounder from eastern country ELAND
Carte du jour MENU
Conventional manual greeting HANDSHAKE
Crewmen given fish: this seals deal HANDSHAKE
Decorous DEMURE
Doctor brings in nothing on average MEDIOCRE
Doctor in gym with love for Spaniard PEDRO
Drink provided with soft meat RUMP
Ducks circling southern lake in the capital OSLO
Ecclesiastical council SYNOD
Expose wicked coven in ancient city UNCOVER
Finished work and went to bed RETIRED
Fling TOSS
Former nurse in Carry On EXTEND
Get dinar changed in bank GRADIENT
Goat having sleep in Shanghai? KIDNAP
Group sharing everything COMMUNE
Guys with university course list MENU
Hindquarters RUMP
Large antelope ELAND
Latvians guarding Roman road VIA
Lengthen EXTEND
Man in mutual changed final terms ULTIMATUM
Marsupial ROO
Mum once working in kibbutz COMMUNE
Noiselessness SILENCE
Norwegian city OSLO
Organise an army unit REGIMENT
Parsley portion SPRIG
Peremptory demand ULTIMATUM
Peter in Spanish PEDRO
Priest into Roman Catholic artefact RELIC
Quiet because digesting French article SILENCE
Remnant RELIC
Reserved but rude with me in row DEMURE
Sauce boat lifted KETCHUP
Seafaring drunk in AA cult NAUTICAL
Second drunk turned up to mix salad TOSS
Second-rate MEDIOCRE
Small porker devours rook and garnish SPRIG
Spotted feline LEOPARD
State backed royal couple REPAIR
Supple LITHE
Through VIA
Tipsy male is loose-limbed LITHE
Tomato product KETCHUP
Troop group REGIMENT
Withdrew RETIRED
Yankee stops lecturers returning for meeting SYNOD