The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 25 2018

Clues Answers
Adult from university runs into friend MATURE
Adult males MEN
Aunt or uncle’s child COUSIN
Being in German city church ESSENCE
Biting insect GNAT
Blokes in dime novel MEN
Bloodsucker in punch-up? GNAT
Boldness NERVE
Bottle in container vessel NERVE
Cake is miracle baked without topping ECLAIR
Carrion feeder SCAVENGER
Causing mirth COMIC
Clumsy model to make fewer stage appearances TACTLESS
Country formerly known as Persia IRAN
Cowboy hat STETSON
Direction finder COMPASS
Downward arc SWOOP
Filled pastry ECLAIR
Fool appearing twice in The Executioner ASSASSIN
Found reduction, surprisingly INTRODUCE
Full-grown MATURE
Given scare, maybe one escaping vulture? SCAVENGER
Health facility in Raynes Park SPA
Hired murderer ASSASSIN
I was leader in the country IRAN
Impression EDITION
Insensitive TACTLESS
Intimidated SCARED
Joke about educated woman having strict morals PURITAN
Mark gets news boss chicken SCARED
Mineral spring SPA
Model POSE
Money stopped by American relative COUSIN
Moralist PURITAN
Musical instrument ORGAN
Newspaper somewhat disorganised ORGAN
Outbuilding SHED
Pit worker needs a large fizzy drink MINERAL
Politico Michael grabs magazine COMIC
Pounce, seeing son parking outside court SWOOP
Prepare to be shot? POSE
Reach firm with million to spend COMPASS
Roofing stone SLATE
Rubbish put back in metal skip SLATE
Shack in Slough SHED
Snitcher ordered to provide name CHRISTEN
Strong point in favour of long hair FORTRESS
Thespian ACTOR
Tip from Texas: this should stay on outside STETSON
To whom work is play? ACTOR
Volume is an issue EDITION

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