The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 3 2018

Clues Answers
A, B, C, D, F or G? NOTE
Abominable snowman YETI
Advantageous EXPEDIENT
Ancient reptile in terrible raid on us DINOSAUR
Brand in research SEAR
Canine elevated to become Anubis? GOD
Communicate the writer’s function IMPART
Completed DONE
Concentration ATTENTION
Contrary in effect INVERSE
Cutting foot off grass is wrong SIN
Deity GOD
Depressed daughter thrown out DEJECTED
Dim learner in assembly UNLIT
Distinction NOTE
Doctor in storm to take risk GAMBLE
Finished when cheated DONE
French capital PARIS
Fuel on paper exploded PROPANE
Greet fantastic bird EGRET
Highly-motivated, having chauffeur DRIVEN
Hilton in European capital? PARIS
Hopelessness DESPAIR
Impelled DRIVEN
Impressed by Shuttle’s last uncontrolled flight STAMPEDE
Lift finally here behind schedule ELATE
Mail worker POSTMAN
Maintenance cost UPKEEP
Make ecstatic ELATE
Melancholy DEJECTED
Misery as pride damaged DESPAIR
Mortal offence SIN
Not illuminated UNLIT
Notice drunken Etonian welcoming non-drinker ATTENTION
Now one sees legendary creature YETI
Old and deep tin used as suitable EXPEDIENT
One who delivers coming after us? POSTMAN
Operator stores tonnes for caviar producer STURGEON
Opposite in poetry INVERSE
Prehistoric creature DINOSAUR
Refuse to accept hard defeat THRASH
Scorch SEAR
Service charges for castle in the air? UPKEEP
Speculate GAMBLE
Sudden rush STAMPEDE
Trounce THRASH
Untamed SAVAGE
White heron EGRET
Wild herb found around Virginia SAVAGE

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