The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 4 2018

Clues Answers
Absolute ruin TOTAL
Aggregate TOTAL
Agree to take up residence SETTLE
Alcohol fan DRINKER
Alternative OTHER
Anticipate EXPECT
Army brass to annoy the French BUGLE
Await former favourite touring clubs EXPECT
Biblical wise ruler SOLOMON
Boozer kinder when sozzled? Right! DRINKER
Captivating ADORABLE
Care for the sick NURSE
Charming area within reach across river ADORABLE
Chatter GAS
Check over pitch firstly in cricket? INSPECT
Clobber little fox KIT
Cutting edge BLADE
Deliberately open: pours out on purpose
Desire shown among surgeons URGE
Devil-worshipper SATANIST
Does one agree with Nick? SATANIST
Encourage URGE
Festival GALA
Fuel from bog asphodel GAS
Gear KIT
Girl, maiden in stormy dales DAMSEL
He was wise, unaccompanied Scotsman SOLOMON
Hindu teacher MAHARISHI
Horse restraint BRIDLE
Improve morally in lift ELEVATE
Intentionally on purpose
Keyboard player ORGANIST
Military unit BRIGADE
Musician right into tango is gyrating ORGANIST
NHS staffer in north sure to be sacked NURSE
Party for some legal advisers GALA
Poet not allowed in pub we hear BARD
Resolve dispute SETTLE
Sage: perhaps I’m a harsh one MAHARISHI
Scrutinise INSPECT
Show resentment? Not a bit! BRIDLE
Smell made in an Italian city AROMA
Smell, fragrance AROMA
Soldiers ordered to carry kit BRIGADE
Spoils from Waterloo taken LOOT
Stolen items LOOT
Style point with member twirling cane ELEGANCE
Suburb lad easily conceals knife BLADE
There’s more in Rotherhithe OTHER
Troubadour BARD
Unimaginative literature, real mess LITERAL
Valveless instrument BUGLE
Verbatim LITERAL
Young woman (archaic) DAMSEL

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