The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 5 2018

Clues Answers
Absconder ESCAPEE
Animal skin PELT
Ballroom dance FOXTROT
Beast is cad, first to be dismissed OTTER
Blacken CHAR
Boulder STONE
Bury playwright after decapitation INTER
Child’s friend PLAYMATE
Chum put down floor-covering in gym PLAYMATE
Contrition REMORSE
Cuban dance music RUMBA
Dance in Burma wildly RUMBA
Discover or expel phoney EXPLORE
Distinctive attribute HALLMARK
Duke, severe, changed warrant DESERVE
English force by castle in attempt EFFORT
Entomb INTER
Exertion EFFORT
Fine point NICETY
Former spouse in race to send message TEXT
Garden plant GERANIUM
Gunman makes bargain with monarch SNIPER
Hero was first to retain knowledge LEGEND
Husband in car daily CHAR
Look into EXPLORE
Made of clay; ant here destroyed it EARTHEN
Made with clay EARTHEN
Main urge to cultivate flower GERANIUM
Manor man makes genuine impression HALLMARK
Marine mammal OTTER
Maybe cosy with pal in Caribbean song CALYPSO
Media scrum PRESS
One who should be inside out? ESCAPEE
One with hump arrived with student CAMEL
Pamphlet TRACT
Piece of land TRACT
Poor parish accommodates one high-flier AIRSHIP
Popular, celebrated, notorious INFAMOUS
Precision in Germanic etymology NICETY
Printed passage TEXT
Private instructor TUTOR
Run and hide PELT
Secret agent being underground MOLE
Sharpshooter SNIPER
Ship of the desert CAMEL
Sorrow about TV inspector REMORSE
Steps taken to outwit extreme left-winger FOXTROT
Succeeded with sound in rock STONE
Teacher cooked trout TUTOR
Traditional story LEGEND
West Indian ballad CALYPSO
Zeppelin or blimp AIRSHIP

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