The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 6 2018

Clues Answers
Across-the-board SWEEPING
Ascent of Conservative member CLIMB
Bolt to move swiftly and directly ARROW
Both bare making garment BATHROBE
British to grant vote BALLOT
Candle part WICK
Capone down for permit ALLOW
Carpentry tool HAMMER
Cinema show FILM
Clothes appear dishevelled on student APPAREL
Cold beer first for smart fellow ALEC
Cured herring BLOATER
Defeat in Olympic competition HAMMER
Does it provide coverage after match? CONFETTI
Election document BALLOT
Endless waffle from teacher RABBI
European country FRANCE
Excellent SUPERB
Garments APPAREL
Identical outfit UNIFORM
Insider from Acton out to grab prize OCCUPANT
Jewish scholar RABBI
Jungle blade MACHETE
Lighting feature in Caithness town WICK
Male name ALEC
Man needs wrench RICK
Mexican food NACHO
Mob intend uprising about a fine MAFIA
Nice location! FRANCE
Paper thrown at wedding CONFETTI
Pointed missile ARROW
Poor clue about biro in kiosk CUBICLE
Pubs re-built providing choice SUPERB
Sanction ALLOW
Sicilian criminals MAFIA
Skin flick FILM
Some spinach on cheesy snack NACHO
Son in tears doing housework SWEEPING
Spirit song causes harm IMPAIR
Sprain RICK
Teach me to fashion knife MACHETE
The Spanish call in for paint ENAMEL
Tiredness FATIGUE
Tooth surface ENAMEL
Towelling coat BATHROBE
Unvarying UNIFORM
Weaken or damage IMPAIR
Wear military gear mostly FATIGUE
Yachtsman catching large fish BLOATER

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