The Sun – Two Speed – Nov 9 2018

Clues Answers
Agreeable PLEASING
Baby bed CRIB
Badly-behaved child BRAT
Baked pastry meal PIE
Bird: it nested in empty estuary for ages ETERNITY
Bouncy castle possibly entertains one ELASTIC
Civil architect exhibits tree LARCH
Comic entertainer CLOWN
Deciduous conifer LARCH
Delightful, quiet meadow with grass PLEASING
Elegant CHIC
Enthralled in the past with golf AGOG
Enthusiast BUFF
Evil claims a cleaner in church property VICARAGE
Fat monarch in pantry LARDER
Flexible ELASTIC
Floater accepts Liberal waffle BLATHER
Food store LARDER
Foot part TOE
Girl with all the plants? FLORA
God! He has drunk much alcohol! HOGSHEAD
Inane is perhaps the answer! ASININE
Infinite time ETERNITY
Insider is one right to support PR PRISONER
Italian food SPAGHETTI
Large cask HOGSHEAD
Member starts with three old examples TOE
Mining explosive GELIGNITE
Modest crater surrounding church DECENT
Monkey overturned stuff doctor put in place MARMOSET
Nasty kid runs into club BRAT
Parish residence VICARAGE
Partiality BIAS
Performer depressed in cold north CLOWN
Plain endive treated at temperature EVIDENT
Polish fan BUFF
Prejudice in Serbia suppressed BIAS
Silly talk BLATHER
Small primate MARMOSET
Some scampi? Excellent dish! PIE
Steal carrycot CRIB
Stylish welcome received in clubs twice CHIC
Sufficiently clothed DECENT
Tight-fisted son wants cash MEANS
Vegetation FLORA
Very eager AGOG
What’s set to explode? GELIGNITE
Wherewithal MEANS
Wind up eating this at Ship and get sloshed SPAGHETTI

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