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The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 1 2018

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Clues Answers
Blacksmith’s equipment ANVIL
Blokes can skirt round reference MENTION
Bound along LOPE
Brilliant red from brewing cartels SCARLET
Cassette TAPE
Celeb has no time to eat fish SARDINE
Champion knight finds bird HERON
Clergyman within beside another DEAN
Considerate sort KIND
Constraint some muesli mitigates LIMIT
Convincing CREDIBLE
Dodgy meal in time causes illness AILMENT
Does one put length through headless vampire twitching? IMPALER
Embargo on mostly tame chicken BANTAM
Facial feature EYELID
Faculty head DEAN
Flat-bottomed vessels in river region EXPANSE
Garment maker TAILOR
Genius, master, incredibly old MAESTRO
Give an amount that’s generous HANDSOME
Herb travelling in Reno and Goa OREGANO
Instruct TEACH
Iron block in Roman villa ANVIL
Large crow RAVEN
Lightweight timber BALSA
Little winger uses towel OWLET
Man of the cloth? TAILOR
Marsh wader HERON
Material from northern flower TWEED
Name after wild party bird RAVEN
Now no port in storm PRONTO
Optical shutter? EYELID
Quickly (informal) PRONTO
Restrict LIMIT
Secure milk shake at last TAPE
See exercises for extended stride LOPE
Sick American with one possible fantasy ILLUSION
Small fowl BANTAM
Some educate a child? TEACH
Some herbal samples in wood BALSA
Trustworthy Lib creed rewritten CREDIBLE
Vibrant shade of red SCARLET
Viking vessel LONGSHIP
Virtuoso MAESTRO
Well-proportioned HANDSOME
Wide area EXPANSE
Wild marjoram OREGANO
Woollen cloth TWEED
Yearns to get cool boat LONGSHIP
Young bird OWLET
Young pilchard SARDINE