The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 10 2018

Clues Answers
Affray BRAWL
Bathroom fan EXTRACTOR
Be empathetic RELATE
Bird going after black dog BEAGLE
Cain’s brother ABEL
Claret AA replaced according to menu a la carte
Contemptible person TOERAG
Continent in quasi-alliance ASIA
Criminal in store looting PILLAGE
Cry about Republican fight BRAWL
Despicable person to extort rings and gems, at first TOERAG
Divine messenger in London region ANGEL
Endeavour ATTEMPT
Fair-haired BLONDE
Farm animal in new enclosure EWE
Feel soreness ACHE
Female sheep EWE
First victim woman beheaded ABEL
Flexible power in irregular pulse SUPPLE
Greet us somehow giving signal GESTURE
Heavenly being ANGEL
Hunting hound BEAGLE
Large sailing vessel GALLEON
Largest continent ASIA
Light-headed? BLONDE
Long for some feta cheese ACHE
Midday repast LUNCH
Motion, sign GESTURE
Motorboat leaves area for meal LUNCH
Mount in South Dakota RUSHMORE
Music starts with standard keys always SKA
Northern constellation ANDROMEDA
One takes out old farm vehicle EXTRACTOR
Pa and me three times made crazy effort ATTEMPT
Phone not working? It’s cut-off point! DEADLINE
Plucky in match GAME
Reggae precursor SKA
Rob with violence PILLAGE
Schedule AGENDA
Smart opener from Hitchin Town NEATH
Sort of artist in a way using flags? PAVEMENT
Sound from kitchen on ship GALLEON
South Wales town NEATH
Stars with Italian city lawyer? ANDROMEDA
Tell uplifting story in Bible class RELATE
Time limit DEADLINE
Type of restaurant menu a la carte
US leaders shown up here? RUSHMORE
Willing GAME
Woman stores information for plan AGENDA

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