The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 11 2018

Clues Answers
An American woman overseas ABROAD
Book American returns by boat SUB
Bread ring BAGEL
Congenial AFFABLE
Cooks casseroles STEWS
Designate EARMARK
Embodiment EPITOME
Emphasis ACCENT
Example item Poe adapted EPITOME
Force almost repaired wreckage FLOTSAM
Former lovers old flames
Freeholder OWNER
Go on board EMBARK
Grassland in Steeple Aston LEA
Guilty party CULPRIT
Hostile once more by the way AGAINST
Hours after sunset NIGHT
In foreign parts ABROAD
In shop an elegant fascia PANEL
It’s a sign of stress! ACCENT
Jury or committee PANEL
Keeper first dropped in depressing experience OWNER
Live dance music BEBOP
Lodger finds boundary we hear BOARDER
Might they reignite relationship? old flames
Mike Baker ordered to take ship EMBARK
Ocean debris FLOTSAM
One judges battered rarebit ARBITER
Out of order AMISS
Party or banquet (informal) BEANO
Pasture LEA
Poison involved in scare ARSENIC
Reserve mare trashed Noah’s boat EARMARK
Residential pupil BOARDER
Respiratory condition ASTHMA
Responsible person? CULPRIT
Roll container Errol emptied BAGEL
Romanian capital BUCHAREST
Romeo cuts flower for Laurel and Willow TREES
Runner has love for party BEANO
Slow-cooked dishes STEWS
Stop a student getting stock BANAL
Tall woody plants TREES
Tediously unoriginal BANAL
Terribly mean individual in plant ANEMONE
This still warm near end of August? NIGHT
Toxic element ARSENIC
Type of jazz BEBOP
Undersea vessel (informal) SUB
University cleaner in most excellent city BUCHAREST
Warm female in a moral tale AFFABLE
Windflower ANEMONE
Wrong answer to omit AMISS
Wrong maths answer leads to complaint ASTHMA

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