The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 12 2018

Clues Answers
About to enter bed and procreate BREED
Accepted bent hot rod needs steer ORTHODOX
African river CONGO
Ale supplier uses British jug BREWER
All there in repetitious anecdote SANE
Arctic Circle region LAPLAND
Aural discomfort EARACHE
Become separated after match? DIVORCED
Beer producer BREWER
Booze on board? table wine
Boy holds map in Finnish parts LAPLAND
Come into Rhine, swimming it INHERIT
Commotion DIN
Conservative ORTHODOX
Criminal vice __ need testimony EVIDENCE
Crossword matrix GRID
Cut GP mentioned DOCK
Daughter at home making noise DIN
Day Greek goddess shuns husband ERA
Deal with or discard DISPOSE
Distinct period ERA
Doctor in country with new kids CHILDREN
Drill BORE
Drink with meals table wine
Female name STELLA
Good to deliver in framework GRID
Joint operator sick following cold CORPORATE
Legally parted DIVORCED
Lubricated OILED
Mediterranean fruit OLIVE
Most famous listed building here? PISA
None take residence in tree OLIVE
Of big business CORPORATE
Offspring CHILDREN
One McCartney all set to play STELLA
Perfect finish COMPLETE
Port, rum and beer containing additive ABERDEEN
Prisoner to leave African flower CONGO
Rational SANE
Receive in will INHERIT
Reproduce BREED
Small daughter is skinny person WEED
Social need, at regular intervals, to get drunk in America OILED
Some fear a chest pain EARACHE
Spied so deviously in place DISPOSE
Tedious person gives wave BORE
The Granite City ABERDEEN
Tuscan city PISA
Unwanted plant WEED
Wharf or pier DOCK

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