The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 13 2018

Clues Answers
Absolutely INDEED
Academic test EXAM
Andean pack animal LLAMA
Arab lord at sea discovers Canadian coast LABRADOR
Arthurian town CAMELOT
Best officer in uniform, one with friend ULTIMATE
Boil crab puréed by relative CARBUNCLE
Boozing frenzy requires elbow BENDER
British missile in simple vehicle BARROW
Cardboard container PACKET
Commoner from Temple Bar PLEB
Deep blue LOW
Demented dance with Ted is depraved DECADENT
Do survey about some cream? DOLLOP
Dog breed LABRADOR
Drunken spree (informal) BENDER
Examine closely SCAN
Fair where graduate stabbed BALANCED
Female name NORMA
Final or absolute ULTIMATE
French male name ANDRE
Frenchman runs into mad Dane ANDRE
Frenchman wanting English material FABRIC
Function OPERATE
Girl not entirely conventional NORMA
Goblin right in charge TROLL
Clues Answers
Great deal of money in parcel PACKET
In moral decline DECADENT
Kept appointment with fate in court CAMELOT
Little Dorothy makes point DOT
Look in small container SCAN
Market cart BARROW
Maybe I’m a drab local employee BARMAID
Musical drama extremely tiresome work OPERATE
Narrative TALE
Online nuisance TROLL
Proletarian (informal) PLEB
Pub worker BARMAID
Red gemstone CARBUNCLE
Shade over broken post is hazard for driver blind spot
Shapeless lump DOLLOP
Some land in Valence for redevelopment ENCLAVE
South American native all over mum LLAMA
Speck DOT
Surrounded territory ENCLAVE
Test old lover in the morning EXAM
Textile FABRIC
Told end in story TALE
Underhand LOW
Unfamiliar subject blind spot
Without any question in legal document INDEED

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