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The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 13 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
African carnivore HYENA
Albacore or bluefin TUNA
Boat carrying less cargo? LIGHTER
Call into shop: husband out for shellfish SCALLOP
Car test provided design MOTIF
Caribbean dance LIMBO
Certainly no motorway out of country ABROAD
China with crack not worth considering PALTRY
Citizen Kane star WELLES
Copyist SCRIBE
Covert mercenary NINJA
Crack from vicar with fool in church CREVASSE
Ear bone ANVIL
Edible mollusc SCALLOP
Farce or mockery TRAVESTY
Film director in Lewes crazy about student WELLES
Fish in barrel initially alive TUNA
Formidable foe NEMESIS
Gated ski race SLALOM
Glacial fissure CREVASSE
Go without an undergarment in burlesque TRAVESTY
Heavy block in Alexandrian villa ANVIL
Huge region back in Australia is ablaze ASIA
In foreign parts ABROAD
Largest continent ASIA
Less weighty LIGHTER
Look into smash in mountain event SLALOM
Meissen smashed in retribution NEMESIS
More macho meat supplier? BUTCHER
Muslim cleric IMAM
Old magistrate in care eventually REEVE
Ordinary or usual COMMON
Recurring theme MOTIF
Reddish-brown MAHOGANY
Reverberate ECHO
Scavenger one spotted in the Serengeti HYENA
Showing pride but loafs about BOASTFUL
Single mother becomes learned theologian IMAM
Single payment LUMPSUM
Slaughter BUTCHER
Some woman in Japan is killer NINJA
Stacks concealing a pig in wood MAHOGANY
Superman actor REEVE
Tolerate problem: get complete amount LUMPSUM
Unenclosed land often seen COMMON
Unknown state car carrying bishop LIMBO
Watch old boy dish up OBSERVE
What precedes foxtrot in the choreography? ECHO
Writer gets copy into Southern Echo SCRIBE