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The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 14 2018

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Clues Answers
Animal restraint TETHER
Announced DECLARED
Assistant, adviser AIDE
Australian feral canine DINGO
Baby bed CRIB
Bamboozle DUPE
Bloody Mary befuddled Russian soldiers red army
Bond brought in to excite the reader TETHER
Cassius Clay’s professional surname ALI
Certain diet fine in cooking DEFINITE
Charles and Mike in Split CHASM
Clear and precise DEFINITE
Clerk an assistant in swan-upping? pen-pusher
Corbynites having impetus MOMENTUM
Cried on hearing lovely poem BELLOWED
Daughter cleared out as stated DECLARED
Deep fissure CHASM
Driving power MOMENTUM
Excellent and extremely delectable adviser AIDE
Existing now PRESENT
Extremely popular red-hot
Fool somewhat mixed-up Etonian DUPE
Fop in red and yellow DANDY
Fortress CITADEL
Great victory TRIUMPH
Heredity unit GENE
Incandescent as the rod might be? red-hot
Invent or concoct FABRICATE
It populates fantastic Thai island TAHITI
Lift carrycot CRIB
Lowly scribe pen-pusher
Make up cabaret if desperate FABRICATE
Maxim used in skinhead agenda ADAGE
Munch like a horse CHAMP
Nonetheless HOWEVER
Polynesian island TAHITI
Power to begrudge here PRESENT
President receiving one hard hit TRIUMPH
Proverb ADAGE
Ringmaster from Halifax ALI
Small truck VAN
Some idle rodents lose ground ERODE
Stalinist fighting force red army
Tramp in wild parties TRAIPSE
V&A gets new vehicle VAN
Vincent displays good bearing GENE
We linger outside still HOWEVER
Wear down ERODE
Weird dialect used in stronghold CITADEL
Wild dog in pound in Gosport DINGO
Winner has tea with politician CHAMP
Working party? LABOUR