The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 15 2018

Clues Answers
Aircraft tracker RADAR
Army group in community UNIT
Artist perhaps red raw after beating DRAWER
Blacken CHAR
Bladed power tool CHAINSAW
Brass instruments TUBAS
Caught raven dancing in Beatles club CAVERN
Cleaner in Church Army CHAR
Common wild duck MALLARD
Comply with OBEY
Cricketer puts lad to bed, quiet at last BOYCOTT
Defeated contender LOSER
Deprivation LOSS
Ease one into flat and icy liquid FACILITY
Failure among close relatives LOSER
Grown up MATURED
Gun salute SALVO
Heavenly babe __ novice grabs her CHERUB
Hired murderer ASSASSIN
Inuit home IGLOO
Irritable RATTY
It detects woman in Rolls-Royce RADAR
It’s not the editor that’s corrupt TAINTED
Leading man in cinema? USHER
Maybe daisy cutter? CHAINSAW
Mint drink supplied in Gwent location NEWPORT
Natural aptitude FACILITY
Old puffer in shopping centre on a road MALLARD
One kills when elite troops go astray ASSASSIN
One logo redesigned for White House IGLOO
One who thumbs lifts (informal) HITCHER
Onslaught ASSAULT
Open-topped car ROADSTER
Point duty DETAIL
Posh claret, on coaster, is aged MATURED
Salvation Army save up for instruments TUBAS
Scales constellation LIBRA
See two sons coming to harm LOSS
Shattered yob without energy to conform OBEY
Short motorcycle races held in Man RATTY
Sign that’s reversed in dollar bills LIBRA
Singer after success, one needing lift HITCHER
Single item UNIT
Small fall? STUMBLE
Small feature DETAIL
Storage compartment DRAWER
Sudden applause in Oval’s erupted SALVO
Theatre guide USHER
Topless Bahamian port officer in storm ASSAULT
Trader so drunk in motor vehicle ROADSTER
Underground chamber CAVERN
Welsh city NEWPORT
Winged child CHERUB

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