The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 17 2018

Clues Answers
Acquire winter coat? ice up
Always among believers EVER
At any time EVER
Band of colours SPECTRUM
Biblical pariah LEPER
Burrowing mammal RABBIT
Card game BRIDGE
Charitable person takes in an outcast LEPER
Chatter idly to prolific breeder RABBIT
Children’s game LEAPFROG
Conceited person EGOTIST
Congeal CLOT
Courteous male GENTLEMAN
Decent one corrupted and drawn in ENTICED
Deny wife leaving prison NEGATE
Dilettante AMATEUR
Drinks downed paradoxically here? booze-up
Ernie goes out with this female IRENE
Exclude from old American university OMIT
Extremely hot BAKING
Feel remorse for RUE
Fellow in desperate tangle with men GENTLEMAN
Fool causes obstruction CLOT
Forged Oriental alliance RELATION
Freeze over ice up
French way to show regret RUE
Green that’s not cooked RAW
Hay bundle BALE
Kinswoman RELATION
Leather strip THONG
Leave out OMIT
Madrid footballer able to play BALE
Nullify or disprove NEGATE
Occasion for drinking booze-up
One serving self is to get sloshed EGOTIST
Oscar held by rogue art genre producer GENERATOR
Range that’s cooked crumpets SPECTRUM
Recent arrival of Nemo and crew at sea NEWCOMER
Relative in northeast — that’s a relief NEPHEW
Relative sacked for putting bun in oven? BAKING
Sibling’s child NEPHEW
Some cloth on girl perhaps? THONG
Some haggard entertainer’s enthusiastic ARDENT
Spring activity for the kids? LEAPFROG
Turning big red spanner BRIDGE
Unpaid player’s tum area out of shape AMATEUR
Unrefined RAW
Very passionate ARDENT
Woman’s name IRENE

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