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The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 18 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

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Clues Answers
An army to the rescue? SALVATION
Animated ALIVE
Army padre CHAPLAIN
Badly-behaved child BRAT
Bath TUB
Beer Mac brewed is welcome EMBRACE
Benevolent HUMANE
Bubbly ale, but so perfect ABSOLUTE
Carte du jour MENU
Comedienne Jo BRAND
Cream cake ECLAIR
Detective SLEUTH
Empty net CLEAR
English girl said to be delicious thing ECLAIR
Extremely dirty and repulsive house DYNASTY
False teeth DENTURE
Family line DYNASTY
Fighting to slice fish and chicken COWARD
Heredity unit GENE
Hollow beside River Plate DENTURE
Hug or cuddle EMBRACE
Impoverished NEEDY
Kind-hearted, he hugs posh bloke HUMANE
Lacking refinement INELEGANT
Lamb as served in Bracknell RACK
Lamb serving RACK
List of prime numbers MENU
Looker in Keighley exceptional EYE
Male in Lebanon out for count? NOBLEMAN
Man in Oxbridge network GENE
Miles wandering in as unmotivated AIMLESS
Nasty kid runs into club BRAT
One lacking courage COWARD
Redemption SALVATION
Seen in matinee Dylan’s poor NEEDY
Sherlock say battered in hustle SLEUTH
Short public statement BULLETIN
Slow and clumsy boat, but capsized TUB
Slug in news report BULLETIN
So-so batsman’s statistic? AVERAGE
South African right to eat fish SARDINE
Stock mark and label BRAND
Storm centre EYE
Strange English lake EERIE
Tea taken with simple clergyman CHAPLAIN
Unambiguous CLEAR
Uncanny EERIE
Uncultivated eglantine needs cultivation INELEGANT
Unexceptional AVERAGE
Vivacious quartet into beer ALIVE
Without purpose AIMLESS
Worker one caught in prank ANTIC
Young pilchard SARDINE