The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 19 2018

Clues Answers
Air-driven generator WINDMILL
Animal doctor collapsing near warhorse VETERAN
Asian language sharing characters with Chinese JAPANESE
Assignment TASK
Assist illegally ABET
Band’s music sent back STRAP
Beelzebub sustains this slippery character EEL
Befuddled at sea
Burst POP
Calf meat VEAL
Can writer provide pleasant solution? AMIABLE
Carrying handle STRAP
Check on accounts AUDIT
Completely bewildered on the ocean wave at sea
Continental shot in camera AMERICAN
Dad’s music POP
Friendly AMIABLE
From United States AMERICAN
Giant mice can be mysterious ENIGMATIC
In this place HERE
In transit en route
Inspect gold object with Old Penny AUDIT
Joiner employed in building work CEMENT
Married Yorkshire banker? Something clicked! MOUSE
Moralist acquires rubbish for project PROTRUDE
National jeep NASA designed JAPANESE
Neither here nor there? en route
Note liar confused about testimonial MEMORIAL
Old flour supplier Will keeps changing mind WINDMILL
Old soldier VETERAN
Present from the relatives HERE
Primate with a long tail MONKEY
Race duo diverted through country ECUADOR
Second American keeps ring for major MOMENTOUS
Securely sealed SHUT
Slippery fish EEL
Small outbuilding is closed SHUT
Small rodent MOUSE
Some dive a little lower for food VEAL
Some Elizabethans help criminal ABET
South American country ECUADOR
Spiritual teacher GURU
Starter for ten: question for Labour TASK
Statue or monument MEMORIAL
Thousand in cash for naughty youngster MONKEY
Thrust forward PROTRUDE
Travel document PASSPORT
Very significant MOMENTOUS
What one needs to go beyond Dover say PASSPORT
Wise leader returns carpet to university GURU

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