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The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Acquire information to retain control REIN
Aeroplane part FUSELAGE
Age fuels change in fighter’s body FUSELAGE
Amusing chap called for mushrooms FUNGI
Assiduous DILIGENT
Bargain SNIP
Become known EMERGE
Bird with tail cut and cut SNIP
Break cover say with corps retreating EMERGE
Championship TITLE
Check REIN
Coming or approach ADVENT
Creature runs riot in Amherst HAMSTER
Dalliance with a b-blonde AFFAIR
Daughter in a hole before Xmas ADVENT
Designate APPOINT
Destroy RUIN
Fantastic SUPER
Female name SUSIE
Great to move around LA on the loose at large
It identifies member and group ARMBAND
Leave out OMIT
Leaving GOING
Look at closely EXAMINE
Match tactics game plan
Meat loaf HASLET
Meticulous editing redone inserting line DILIGENT
Not confined at large
On way out try gin cocktail GOING
One involved in plot? READER
One trapped in race wreck RUIN
Order hose attachment GARTER
Pet rodent HAMSTER
Ponder resistance: choose to embrace force REFLECT
Rascal smudging rouge ROGUE
Really good police officer SUPER
Salt he scattered on meatloaf HASLET
Scrabble piece contains T for term TITLE
Select a quiet spot APPOINT
Sleeve circlet ARMBAND
Smart set making bed MATTRESS
Some from Italy to exclude OMIT
Sprung futon MATTRESS
Stocking band GARTER
Strategy has piano in Asian orchestra game plan
Study test in English EXAMINE
Throw back light or sound REFLECT
Toadstools, eg FUNGI
University lecturer READER
Villain ROGUE
Woman resolved issue SUSIE