The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 22 2018

Clues Answers
Alternatives OPTIONS
Antsy? Could become unpleasant! NASTY
Asian joint said to be cramped TINY
Beefeater YEOMAN
Chicken wearing hat? CAPON
Coiffure HAIRCUT
Convoluted TANGLED
Divine messenger in a new set ANGEL
Drunken con-man in tree CINNAMON
Eager to tour a country HUNGARY
Elegant socialist accepting punishment REFINED
European state HUNGARY
Fall guy VICTIM
Female name NAOMI
Fire and water? BURN
Freeholder in the old sultanate YEOMAN
Genius is present GIFT
Glenda, excited after tango, gets involved TANGLED
Heavenly being ANGEL
Knack GIFT
Lawbreaker CRIMINAL
Matches GAMES
Mention some illicit encounter CITE
Mr Bean carries duke in chair SEDAN
Mud around gallery took new form MUTATED
Not present ABSENT
Novello takes years finding key IVORY
Organised search MANHUNT
Outline for dossier PROFILE
Overcook BURN
Record holder? CRIMINAL
Refer to CITE
Rich nun at bad resort ABUNDANT
Sailor Brown checked pattern TARTAN
Sailor posted away ABSENT
Saloon car SEDAN
Search island shed __ nitrogen found inside MANHUNT
Short biography PROFILE
Small person reportedly shows strength MIGHT
So point out more than one choice OPTIONS
Talk idly about compiler’s tricks GAMES
The writer grumbles about girl NAOMI
Trim dilapidated chair with partial cut HAIRCUT
Tusk material IVORY
Two short men find scapegoat VICTIM
Type of poultry CAPON
Unpleasant NASTY
Unrepresentative ATYPICAL
Unusual year in bustling capital ATYPICAL
Very small TINY

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