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The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Acted boldly DARED
Biting insect GNAT
Bold or brazen IMPUDENT
Chairman holding no good fruit MANGO
Cheeky pundit playing with me IMPUDENT
Choose to drop policemen in river DECIDE
College teacher LECTURER
Dazed state TRANCE
Deep gorge CANYON
Demon drink for Spike IMPALE
Down payment DEPOSIT
Electronic music brings sleepy state TRANCE
Energetic NYC maid dancing DYNAMIC
English XI the French banish EXILE
Filthy froth SCUM
Flatten under pressure COMPRESS
Fool died __ rest in peace DRIP
Goat initially beat back bloodsucker GNAT
Horrible people __ hundred in total SCUM
Impartial NEUTRAL
Jane Austen novel EMMA
Layer is raised in storehouse DEPOSIT
Likely loser and German gored badly UNDERDOG
Make shorter using a spanner ABRIDGE
Ne plus ultra strangely unremarkable NEUTRAL
Old canine barking on time ANCIENT
Outcast EXILE
Outstanding to have good one inside OWING
Paris transit system METRO
Pierce with spike IMPALE
Post-mortem AUTOPSY
Prehistoric ANCIENT
Rebellious MPs score in squeeze COMPRESS
Remove sediment from port? DREDGE
Reprimand right for academic LECTURER
Resolve DECIDE
Saunter STROLL
Scrounge from duke imprisoned? CADGE
Search riverbed DREDGE
Slow walk south with giant STROLL
Some poem __ maybe classic work EMMA
Sponge CADGE
Stiff examination? AUTOPSY
Temperature in Rome adjusted for rail system METRO
Tin formerly over there in ravine CANYON
Trickle DRIP
Tropical fruit MANGO
Unlikely winner UNDERDOG
US lawyer, communist, took risks DARED
Vigorous DYNAMIC