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The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 23 2019

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Clues Answers
Acclaim EXTOL
Adder in the warm season? SUMMER
Amount in Student Union: millions SUM
Andean animal LLAMA
Bread shop BAKERY
Centre left potentially genuine HEARTFELT
Check on heartbeat REPULSE
Collapse (informal) FLOP
Cook a chop, becoming triumphant cock-a-hoop
Cool meow as Siamese at last moves AWESOME
Danish territory on the high street? BAKERY
Doctor retains time: child’s present train set
Dried grass HAY
Drive back REPULSE
Enchanting MAGICAL
Energetic in chalet, it collapsed ATHLETIC
Exemplary IDEAL
Extravagant fuss (informal) BALLYHOO
Exultant (informal) cock-a-hoop
Film initially cut becomes failure FLOP
Fizzy pop COLA
French dairy product BRIE
God is great ALMIGHTY
Heard merchant in basement CELLAR
High point ZENITH
Hot season SUMMER
Like better PREFER
Looped rope NOOSE
Maths problem SUM
Oh boy __ all wrestling is hype! BALLYHOO
One agreement for model IDEAL
Praise old Biblical character brought back EXTOL
Quick to ditch fine cheese BRIE
Quietly pass on favour PREFER
Rare fright catching cold SCARCE
Reed instrument OBOE
Some eco-labelling for drink COLA
Sportily active ATHLETIC
Top religion hit poor ZENITH
Toy with rail track train set
Trap quickly springs back __ end of mouse! NOOSE
Two-headed monk is beast LLAMA
Uncommon SCARCE
Unpredictable ERRATIC
Unreliable man protects informer ERRATIC
What’s cut and dried in hatha yoga? HAY
Wine store CELLAR
Wonderful (informal) AWESOME
Wondrous claim wrong about silver MAGICAL
Yob beheaded old English player OBOE