The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 25 2018

Clues Answers
Absolute depths NADIR
All together en masse
American news host ANCHOR
Article or item THING
Attempts TRIES
Bête noire BUGBEAR
Backbiter? MOLAR
Bart with bun ruined party activity bran tub
Cater to INDULGE
Cocktail from Guy Busby-Brown? MANHATTAN
Court game NETBALL
Crucial match DECIDER
Deepest point in broken drain NADIR
Epoch ERA
European trees are rubbish EYEWASH
Fat wobbly behind AFT
Grinding tooth MOLAR
Have as purpose INTEND
Humour eluding translation INDULGE
Indian tea region ASSAM
Intelligent SMART
Interest in a time zone ATTRACT
Lucky dip bran tub
Lure or entice ATTRACT
Makes the effort and scores TRIES
Mean in the end, he’s chucked out INTEND
Meat product in old crate BANGER
Michael _, star of Alfie and Zulu CAINE
Moor in Arabian chorus ANCHOR
New York island MANHATTAN
Night shifts? Object! THING
Nonsense (informal) EYEWASH
Old man to manage wisely HUSBAND
Police stopping game — important one DECIDER
Possibly train as mechanic, say ARTISAN
Rapscallion SCAMP
Reportedly punish an actor CAINE
Rogue in swindle over parking SCAMP
Sausage (informal) BANGER
Shoot British at hacienda BRANCH
Skilled technician ARTISAN
Spruce in small trading centre SMART
State of Osaka’s samurai ASSAM
Stomach after virus is nightmare BUGBEAR
Stopped moving round on being delayed POSTPONED
Time among Sloane Rangers ERA
Towards the stern AFT
Vagrant Mike falls into snare TRAMP
Wholesale brawling man sees en masse
Wine valley LOIRE
Wisdom about current in French river LOIRE
Young Eleanor about to be announced in sport NETBALL

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