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The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 26 2018

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Clues Answers
A gin knocked back in two places? APART
Angel who appeared in Genesis? GABRIEL
Animal eats an extremely fine meal BEANFEAST
Applause from Ivan too riotous OVATION
Beyond everything, beyond infinity after all
Blade: some antihero to respect ROTOR
Cause of tears about religious belief OPINION
Celebratory party BEANFEAST
Ceremonial garment used in afro-beat ROBE
Choose rice — endlessly exciting ELECTRIC
Clever or smart NEAT
Cloth made in Aragon ANGORA
Cohabitee FLATMATE
Conclusion END
Deep-seated INNER
Exemplary IDEAL
False witness in Australia rearrested LIAR
Friendly exclusive about one in taxi SOCIABLE
Girl from Castle Vale EVA
Goal in final END
Gregarious SOCIABLE
He or she is one in church! MINISTER
Heavenly herald GABRIEL
Hot and barren ground is detestable ABHORRENT
House these militants guard SEMI
In the end after all
Least possible MINIMUM
Long-haired cat, goat or rabbit ANGORA
Member of the clergy MINISTER
One works as croupier and model IDEAL
Open tart FLAN
Perón, former First Lady of Argentina EVA
Region excluding islands MAINLAND
Respectful display of silver in house HOMAGE
Sea boy tours new territory MAINLAND
Secret — keep away from publican INNER
Separated APART
Short time at defensive ditch MOAT
Smallest skirt mum put on MINIMUM
Stout friend, about 50, one sharing digs FLATMATE
Supporter consuming large pie FLAN
Taken back heartlessly, but in good order NEAT
Thrilling ELECTRIC
Tribute HOMAGE
Turning part ROTOR
Type of house SEMI
Untruthful person LIAR
Viewpoint OPINION
Water-filled trench MOAT